Bio Energy Healing Session

During a Session

Client remains fully clothed.

The treatment is given with the client in a standing position and in a seated position, or as the client requires.

Bio Energy Healing Session on children

Recommended Treatment

4 sessions once a week + 1 follow up session

[ 3 to 4 weeks later ]


4 days in a row [ more or less ] + 1 follow up session

[ 3 to 4 weeks later ]

Bio Energy Healing Session

What to Wear

Something comfortable such as 'sports wear' or pants would be great!

Metal items such as belts, watches, earrings and rings should be removed before a session.


More Serious Conditions May Need

2 series of treatments or more


Your Maintenance

You can come once a month to create an optimum level of health and to keep the energy flowing through your body.