Read what people are saying about the Level 1 'Bio-Inspired' course with Bruce, Nancy, George, Adriana + Stephanie!


You have a beautiful family. Seeing how all of you live with the knowledge of bio energy is inspiring. Each family member/instructor brings a different perspective with different stories and examples. This added to the ease of learning. One of my biggest takeaways was understanding and believing that I have the power to heal.

- Caroline, North Vancouver


I am definitely more aware of my way of being and the energy I carry around. I feel grounded and at peace, present and connected to myself and my surrounding.

- Stephanie Descôteaux (Entrepreneur) Vancouver, BC

I learned how I can use my own positive intentions and an energy of the universe, bio-energy, to help myself to be better me as well as help others feel healthier, motivated and inspired on the daily basis at home, at work.

- Mrs. B - Redmond, WA, USA

It was a pleasure to learn about bio energy and to experience the healing power as a giver and a receiver. Particularly fun was the delightful delivery and presentation of the concepts and methods from the “family that heals” - wonderful energy from Bruce, Nancy, Adri, George and Stephanie!

- William Hamsom Wong, Vancouver, BC

I am experiencing one of the toughest times physically and emotionally in my life and this course has given me hope that I will be able to shift my negative energy. The second part of the class has actually been the best day I experienced all week. I feel uplifted, pain free and super happy. This has been life changing and positive and can’t wait to utilize what I have learned.

- LK (Business Owner) - Vancouver, BC


Very inspiring and empowering! A wonderful, sharing, supportive learning environment for accessing our energy, helping to heal and becoming a more compassionate connected human being. I highly recommend this course for anyone wishing to enhance their understanding of health and healing. Thank you! :)

- Teacher (K), Vancouver/Coast Salish terra

Awareness of impact of words and thoughts with your life. Learnt techniques towards healthy lifestyle and ability to share around family and friends.

- Retired - R. Wong, West Vancouver

Your Bio energy workshop was beyond what I anticipated, all the pieces of physiology, emotions, spiritual, thought life and energy fused together in my understanding. It was so profound that today I am catching myself in any thought patterns that do not serve my higher good and changing my story. While I have read many books on spiritual path and positive thinking, this was so different and yet easy to understand. Wow from an x Dancer I realize I have lived in my head most of my life and ignored the subtlety my energy all these years, only aware of the energy extremes namely energetic or tired. The power of our thoughts on an energy level are so profound, and that when we suppressed emotional issues it can cause blockage and disease in the body. At this time I know I am taking baby steps but look forward to learning much more. The extra bonus was the "magical dance of Nancy and Bruce" as presenters it was wonderful to see how you flowed together, from teaching principles, to profound insights and then being so funny. You are delightful, charming, loving and powerful presenters of Bio Energy. It is obvious that you own this information in a genuine manner, which must explain why you are so effective as teachers and presenters.

- Vivienne Mackinder (International Speaker and Icon Hairdresser), Hamptons, NY


As a long time student of personal development the Bio Energy Level 1 course resonated on so many levels. As someone interested in mastery, I was thrilled to study consciousness in this new and different way from what I've been used to. The information, trainings and instructors are excellent. The course was not only educational; it was inspirational.

Thank you to Nancy and Bruce for your hearts + souls- truly angelic!

- Heather (Life Coach)

It shifted my mind frame and awareness of the infinite possibilities that are waiting for me. I am grateful and excited to bring what I have learned in this course into my daily life.

- Angelica, Mexico


I was made aware of the patterns of my thinking that run on repeat and are unhelpful to my creating the life I want. My anxiety was lessened over the two-day course and I now have tools to consciously welcome a more positive and energetic life into being.

- Dane Johnson (Coffee Roaster + Community Builder), Auburn, California

I found the course very powerful and inspiring, not only in terms of how bio energy works and how quickly and effectively it can heal but also for practical reminders to live a fulfilling, joyful life to achieve our dreams and be in service to others. Yes, everything is energy, and we are all healers. And it is wonderful to connect to our own power as individuals and to develop nurturing bonds.

- Dilek C, Vancouver BC

Nancy, Bruce, George, Adri and Stephanie are fantastic teachers and full of enthusiasm and excitement! The course was a fun experience and covered so many important concepts. It gave me a wonderful opportunity for self-reflection and learning more about bio energy healing!

- Stephanie Kang, San Diego, California


This was a very good course, and it opened my eyes to a whole new spectrum of healing myself, as well as others. It definitely changed my life, and I highly recommend this course to ALL!!!

- Anthony, Taiwan

The course and all the teachers brought joy and lightness into my heart. The class was fun to be in, it was insightful! Also gently brought my attention to my own limiting beliefs which I am grateful for.

- Greta Hilde, Paso Robles, California

Opened my eyes to happiness. Let me understand how to deal with energy vampires. How to self heal and heal others.

- Faye Ceravolo, Vancouver


Very interesting. The 'law of attraction' is so important and often overlooked. I enjoyed exploring my infinite potential! I see so many ways that this practice could benefit others.

- Gayle, Vancouver

The Level One course was amazing; it exceeded my expectations in terms of learning & practicing the 12 basic movements of healing. I feel prepared to start my own journey in sharing this with others. Bruce & Nancy are outstanding teachers & every aspect of the course was prepared with attention to detail. Their excellence as practitioners was evident in the training they provided. Well done!!

- Susan Grove, Surrey

This is given me the confidence to heal my parents and friends. 

- Kimberly, Los Angeles

It has brought me to total realization that we control our lives fully and that we as individuals hold the power to do and be anything we want to be.

- Sahara, Vancouver


Wow. I didn't expect to get so much out of this course about how to live my life - truly a gift! Powerful teachings that have changed how I see the world. Great job, Simply Bio Energy Team!

- L.K, Oakland, California

I am feeling very positive that I can help in healing loved ones and myself. I am also very excited to practice the bio-energy movement on myself and others. I really enjoyed how informative the two day sessions were on how Energy is all around us and how it is in our power to have it manifest in to things we want.

- Linda T, Coquitlam

It made me more aware of how I think about things, very calming effect. Nancy and Bruce are very good presenters. Bruce's instructions are very easy to follow. I feel I learnt a lot and was very beneficial for my health.

- Beverley Holness, New Westminister 

Extremely positive & uplifting 2 days - learned so much and have the intent to continue on this path to health for myself, friends & family members. Thanks Bruce & Nancy!

- Debbie Jepson, Surrey

This was a positive course focusing on channeling energies positively, both for ourselves and others. Certainly felt the healing energy both as a giver and a receiver. 

- CK, Vancouver

I now have the confidence to use this knowledge to help others, and myself. I am very grateful for Bruce & Nancy's insightful sharing and teaching. I do not feel an immediate change, but rather an ongoing changing process.

- Kitty, Taiwan

I look at people in a different light. I hope to use this experience to help others, improve their health issues and quality of life.

- Mrs. Q, Vancouver

This is the right level for beginners, with some new insights taught, reminding me as what my goals should be; the techniques are very easy to learn. Yes - it did shift me; I am at a point in my life (health) where I am looking at alternative (new) ideas. I like the idea and the approach. 

- Helen, Vancouver

It has opened me to trying something new and step out of my comfort zone. It increased my awareness of my speech as it can affect my actions.

- Betsy, Vancouver

It made you mindful of where you are and the state you're in. Your perception of yourself and others are sharpened. You are reminded to widen your horizon and take the focus off yourself.

- M.W. , Vancouver

Amazing. I am now more sensitive to healing. I was moving all over the place! I'm working forward to healing family.

- Claire, Vancouver

This course was a reminder for me of what I want and can achieve in my life. As well, how to positively handle situations that may arise no matter the magnitude. Very appreciative for the invite!!

- Craig, Vancouver

Enlightening and refreshing. Learned to listen to myself. Will leave here a more open-minded person. Lots of information to absorb!

- Sandra, Vancouver

With the 12 techniques, I will use it to heal my friends and family first and foremost. And also to inspire the change my own thoughts into positive energy.

- Wendy, Vancouver

I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the Bio-Inspired Healing Workshop presented by 2 very special and highly skilled practitioners, Bruce and Nancy. This course will bring light to the fact that everything is energy. The importance our thoughts play in the creation of our own life story, and the chapters to unfold, are addressed lovingly utilizing current research findings and many additional educational modalities. This workshop is content rich and the effects are limitless when you take time to step back and open your soul to this powerful approach to well-being. 

Key Point: I highly recommend scheduling a session with Bruce and Nancy if possible, you and others will be amazed.

Thank you Bruce and Nancy for your love, light, and awareness.

- James Gill, Believe, Florida

A deeper understanding about how energy affects one's health and overall well being. The importance of being positive and how to attract good things to ones self.

- Ron, Vancouver

Very happy to have participated! Thank you so much Bruce & Nancy!

- Brian, Richmond

It's really something that anyone can do. You just need to be open and willing. In one session my neck and shoulder pain cleared up.  After day one I practiced on my husband and he was surprised his left knee pain felt so much better. If you are a healer, this is definitely a course worth taking as you can really make a difference in you and your family's life!

- Tammy, RN, BSN, Vancouver


- Colleen, Delta

LIFE CHANGING! I will look at things differently or at a different perspective.

- Betty, Richmond

Power of Intention! Open new awareness of healing.

- Bill Der, Burnaby

Informative uplifting, fun most of time. Healing was not my main motivations applying some of the philosophy of bio energy to my personal growth.

- Wun Chi (Chio) Sang, North Vancouver

LIFE CHANGING! Now I am ready to help some more people and family members.

- Bob the Realtor, Richmond

Good Experience! I feel more positive and energetic now.

- Janet, Vancouver

It was my 2nd time taking the course and it was much better this time around. I had more confidence and understanding. It was also a great reminder to stay positive and keeping the present. 

- Wendy, Vancouver

It opens me up to a new dimension of thinking that will certainly have significant impact on my attitude towards taking more control of my life and life of my loved ones. Specifically, the Bio Energy concept is a good approach, although I maintain that it still needs a lot more to be explored and researched!

- Paul Lui, Vancouver

Level 1 Bio Energy is a very inspiring course. It affected me to be more aware on everything and have a positive outlook in life. We should put our self worth and set goals for ourselves. Respecting each other is important.

- Level one student, Vancouver

The course has brought together a lot of previous learning in a forum which is easily accessible. The teaching methods have made it possible to retain the new learning.

- Helen, Social Worker + Family Therapist, Vancouver

This course made me believe in more that being positive will definitely help my health, mentally and physically. I will use the techniques that I learn to apply to my daily life both in my work and family. 

- Ginny Lin, Richmond

Level One helped me think outside of the box; pull out the creative juices of positive thinking. It got me to pause and think differently in all situations. 

- Lena, Vancouver

Level One helped me act on:

  • 1/ Manifest things that I have always wanted to do

  • 2/ Verbalize infinite possibilities and become the best version of myself

  • 3/ Engage others in a powerful and positive way and move the big mountains together!

  • 4/ Trust more, trust God and the Universe.

- Your neighbour, Vancouver

This course introduced me to the practice of Bio Energy Healing and the benefits it can provide. Level One also introduced me to thoughts and teachings that I had heard and had not thought of for years. 

- Michael Herrin, Vancouver

It made me more aware of my intention, limiting beliefs, movies and holding my energy and how it affects me. The Law of Attraction resonates and I look forward to where awareness of this law will take me. Learning the techniques and chakras is so helpful.

- Leah Kaser

The Level 1 course opened my mind to the possibilities in my life and now to enhance my health. It gave me a new awareness of the body's vibrational field and with energy work we can do on each other and ourselves to improve our vibrational field and health.

- Samuel Jang (Financial Advisor)

Loved it! I would recommend this course. The instructors were knowledgeable. I enjoyed the topics covered. Takeaways: holding your energy, law of attraction - anything is possible, inspired by the generosity and kindness by the family that heals. Thank you!

- Alicia, Port Moody

I appreciated taking this level a second time because the process solidifies the wisdom at a deeper level. Thank you to the family - I appreciate everyones effort + time sharing their healing experiences.

- Ms. C, Burnaby


Takeaways: The main one is about the way how I think. My thoughts and pictures in my head are more positive now. I feel I am going to do it and I can do it! The second one is about the technique. Bio Energy is something new in my real life now. I want to see how people can make the impact to their lives. Happy! =)

- Ana Victoria Zhang He, Burnaby (Student)

A new look and view to Bio Energy Healing the speed and power is more than what I used to believe. I appreciate the massive number of teachers in such a small group class, especially during the practice so that I an see and copy the moves of the teacher. In the moment correction was very helpful.

- Diana Cheng, Burnaby

It helped me to better understand the relationship between energy and the mind power. Give me a new perspective vision of "modern" medicine. Thank you for the opportunity! =)

- Patrice, Vancouver

Together concepts that I was familiar with already in a comprehensive, fun, informative way. Made me ask questions about my stories, and other's stories. Felt real (physical/emotional) reactions to bio energy practice/techniques. 

- Momoko, Vancouver

It made me realize that I am in control of my life and my body. It's easier to think we are the victims and there's nothing we can do to change it. I got my power back! =) Thank you! <3

- Vivian Pellegrino, Vancouver

Interesting the second time since I could see how much forward progress I have made this year. I have experienced a change in how much easier life has been when I let go over judgement.

- Leah Kaser, Vancouver

Showed me a lot of new possibilities. Many of which I will pursue and accomplish.

- Ms. F, Vancouver

Fabulous new insights and paradigm shift more observing. Better listener, not giving advice, others are always right - very aware. Relaxed, feeling the healing - more energy.

- Gloria Bartel, Vancouver