Our Students Amazing Results

After two days of training with the Family that Teaches....

Here are some of our students amazing healing stories after taking the course! 

Check out what one of our students have to say after taking our "Michael D'Alton Bio Inspired" Level One Bio Energy Healing Class. This is why we LOVE teaching this! Taught by Bruce, Nancy, George, Adriana + Stephanie!

Listen to what happens when these gorgeous souls learn BIO ENERGY HEALING with Bruce and Nancy! They learned to heal themselves and their family and friends. The take away was also that they learn some life skills and now they have healing techniques to help them physically and mentally. Such great energy!

WOW! "THE BEST EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE" was what one of our students had to say after taking our LEVEL ONE class! AMAZING! Find out why she said that.

Having struggles with depression and negative thoughts, listen to how one of our students is EMPOWERED after taking our BIO INSPIRED, Level One Class!

Check out what one of our youngest students have to say after taking our Michael D'Alton's " Bio Inspired" Level One class, where she, " Learn to Heal your Family and Friends."

Watch what one of our students have to say about when she learns about mindset in our class. :)

Shoulder Pain

shoulder pain

I signed up for the Level I Bio-Energy Healing workshop with Bruce and Nancy about a year ago and I now look for opportunities to practice on family and friends whenever possible. My brother and sister in law, who are from Alberta, came out to visit for a few days recently. 

My sister in law then told my brother to let me work on his shoulder pain. I only had one day to work on him but he was willing to give it a go. I did the 12 techniques on him and worked on his heart chakra in step #6. After the session he said he felt a weird tingling sensation going across his chest! I asked him about his shoulder and he felt his shoulder movements were looser, not as stiff as before! They went home to Alberta the next day and my brother had arranged a golf game with his buddies. I texted him and asked how his shoulder felt that day and he said he had a good golf game and his shoulders didn’t bother him. He admitted that I might be on to something! I wished I could have had more time to work on him.

I am very grateful that Bruce and Nancy introduced me to Bio-Energy Healing. It’s been exciting and gratifying to see that these 12 simple steps in Level 1 Bio-Energy Healing, can make a difference in the lives of my family and friends.


Baby with Eczema

baby with eczema 

Hi Nancy,

It's me Wendy.  During the month of February, my husband and I spent 3 weeks in Tokyo adopting our baby girl Margot.  She's now 11 weeks old.  I've attached a photo of her for you to see.

When we brought her home, she developed eczema on her face and it was red, bumpy and itchy. I think a combination of cold, dry weather and new formula caused this. I felt so sorry for her.  But then I thought, I have the tools to do some energy healing on her.  So, for the last 2 days I've been treating her with my level 1 bio energy technique (only the counterclockwise move) 20 minutes a day. It's cleared up by 75%.  Have a look at the before and after photos below.

This is so crazy!!! I did this!!  I am going to take level 2 in the Fall, I'm amazed at how this works.

Thanks for everything Nancy, 


Dog Attack + Self Healing

self healing after dog attack

After her dog attack, our level one student starts to heal herself and reduces the throbbing from the bite to her hand and thigh with Bio Energy. She did not have to take pain killers!!!