When I came to George and Julie for my first bio-energy healing session, I had just been told that the Doctors were unsure of what my illness could be. I had woken up one day with severe blurriness and white light in one of my eyes, with pain in my temple and behind my eye. Luckily, I came in to George and Julie quick enough that by the third session (I did 4 consecutive sessions) my pain was radically reduced - almost gone - and my eyesight had improved greatly.

When I went in to the Doctor just a couple days later, he noted that usually, patients with this condition, Optic Neuritis, have pain for several weeks and have much worse eyesight than what I was experiencing at that time. He noted that I was healing quicker than most! Thank you George and Julie for being so amazing and helpful when I needed it most. Thank you for making me realize that I just need to believe in myself!
- B.K.S

Healing by George and Julie
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