September 2017

I signed up for the Level I Bio-Energy Healing workshop with Bruce and Nancy about a year ago and I now look for opportunities to practice on family and friends whenever possible. My brother and sister in law, who are from Alberta, came out to visit for a few days recently. One day, the conversation turned to our health and my sister in law told me she was having trouble with her foot and the doctor diagnosed her condition as bursitis in the back of her foot. “Oh really”, I said. I asked her if she would be interested in letting me do a session of bio energy healing on her and she was very open to trying it. The bursitis was not bothering her at the time but I did a session on her using the 12 techniques. After the session was over she told me she felt relaxed and that during the session she saw a white light, like a halo around her head and that she could feel heat around her head. She didn’t notice a difference in her foot at the time as she didn’t have any pain that day, but the next morning she told me she slept very well and actually had a vivid dream. She does not usually have a restful sleep at night and wakes up in the morning feeling tired and she claimed she never dreams. Upon checking my notes, insomnia is connected to the brow chakra. Hmmmm…she did see a white light and feel heat around her head?? We only had time to do one more session before they had to leave Vancouver but she will let me know if she notices an improvement with her foot or any other area of her body.

My sister in law then told my brother to let me work on his shoulder pain. I only had one day to work on him but he was willing to give it a go. I did the 12 techniques on him and worked on his heart chakra in step #6. After the session he said he felt a weird tingling sensation going across his chest! I asked him about his shoulder and he felt his shoulder movements were looser, not as stiff as before! They went home to Alberta the next day and my brother had arranged a golf game with his buddies. I texted him and asked how his shoulder felt that day and he said he had a good golf game and his shoulders didn’t bother him. He admitted that I might be on to something! I wished I could have had more time to work on him.

I am very grateful that Bruce and Nancy introduced me to Bio-Energy Healing. It’s been exciting and gratifying to see that these 12 simple steps in Level 1 Bio-Energy Healing, can make a difference in the lives of my family and friends.