Before Bio Energy:

I woke up one February morning in excruciating pain. It was my left shoulder, and whenever I tried to move it, I was met with a jolt of pain. I couldn’t lift my arm up past my waist, scratch my back, even take off sweaters on my own. 

After a visit to my doctor and a trip for an ultrasound showed nothing unusual with my shoulder, I spent the rest of the year treating the pain with chiropractor, acupuncture, physiotherapy, extreme physiotherapy and shiatsu massage with zero results. I was so frustrated having spent so much money on treatments that didn’t work and ended up venting to Nancy about my ordeal. She suggested I try Bio-Energy. I’d tried everything else and nothing had worked, so I thought why not? 

After Bio Energy:

Amazingly, after only 1 treatment, I was able to lift and move my arm around. I had forgotten what it felt like to have flexibility. I went home feeling so excited and couldn’t wait to show my husband, the biggest skeptic in the world. He still, to this day, does not know what to believe. 

After the final session, not only did I gain full movement of my arm but my acid reflux (a recurring condition that I have prescribed medication for) went away as well. I haven’t been this happy in a very long time. I learned that living with pain can really take a toll on your life, not just physically, but mentally too. I only wish I had discovered Bio-Energy sooner. 

Thank you Nancy!

Wendy Sam