Our Story.


FAMILY is our core. Through trials and tribulations, we have always drawn on each other for support and resilience. Our story stems from a generation or two before us with an intention that it will impact future generations as well.

Grandpa Jang was the pillar of our family, a hard-working 2nd generation Chinese immigrant who taught us life lessons via his own actions. ‘Always help people if you can’ resonated with each of us and even more so because that’s what his community knew of him. When he suddenly passed away in 2013 from a fatal stroke at a healthy age of 82, we didn’t know what to do.

We found ourselves asking… was there something we could have done to help him?

Fast forward to 2014, by synchronicity Bruce & Nancy were invited to an info session about Bio-Energy, a relatively unknown alternative healing method that they later recognized as nothing short of a ‘miracle’. To date, 14 of our family members have been trained by our brilliant teacher Michael D'Alton at his School of Bio Energy. The chain reaction that ignited in our family now allows us to avoid asking ourselves ‘what could be done to help’ anymore. We are committed to using Bio-Energy to purposefully improve the health of our loved ones, friends, and greater community.