Before discovering Bio Energy, I experienced a multitude of health problems for years. Asthma, insomnia and eczema plagued me into my teens and I suffered from sciatica, crooked spine, depression, and anxiety as an adult after two motor vehicle accidents. I have also dealt with kidney and liver infections as well as chronic migraine headaches. 

For all of these issues, I had no option but to trust my doctors when they prescribed medication to deal with the symptoms of my ailments. The result was that I lost myself behind all the pain killers and antidepressants. The medication not only affected me physically, cognitively, and emotionally, but also slowed my response time. I needed a solution, one that would let me find my true self and was successfully sustainable.

Since discovering Bio Energy healing, the symptoms from all of my ailments have drastically improved. I sleep better. I think more clearly. I process life differently turning negative thoughts into positive ones. Bio Energy has changed my life. My goal as a practitioner is to help others achieve improved health with less medication.