It was synchronicity that brought me to Bio Energy healing. My husband and I were invited to join a friend at a seminar and listen to a lecture. So much of it resonated with me!  I loved the idea of healing myself and my family and friends with Bio Energy instead of drugs.  I instantly knew that our teacher, Michael D’Alton would change my life. It’s been my perception for years that only ‘special’ people could heal and I was shocked when he assured us that we could too! Over time I witnessed how Bio Energy relieves people from their physical, emotional and mental aliments. It has further cemented that my purpose in life is to help people and now I have become a Bio Energy healer!

As a hairdresser of 30 years, standing and working with my arms partially raised for long hours has always been tough on my body. Before Bio Energy, I had a team of people ranging from a massage therapist, a very well respected chiropractor, acupuncturist, and a shiatsu practitioner always on standby when my body would cry for help.  Since I have had Bio energy sessions, I have not needed them though my work load remains the same as before. My body is healing itself. It just seems like we just have to learn to get out of the way, so that the energy can do it’s magic!

Many of my family members have witnessed first hand the amazing results of Bio Energy healing. Nine of us have taken the beginner level of Bio Energy and six of us are at the practitioner level. My wish is that everyone could learn the techniques so that they could heal themselves and the people they love.