For over 6 months before I was introduced to Bio Energy, I suffered from a frozen shoulder. For those who don’t know what that is, it essentially restricted my arm movements severely and I was in great pain. Though I had a team of health practitioners work on me, no one could give me the relief I so desperately sought.  I was told that I would likely suffer from this ailment for at least another year and a half, or possibly even longer. 

When Nancy and I went for a talk on Bio Energy, it really made an impression on me.  I had one treatment and didn’t really feel anything at the time. Later that same day, the pain started to lift and I had increased mobility. Within a few days, the pain completely disappeared and my full range of motion returned. It was amazing and nothing short of a miracle. I went on to have the full treatment which included 5 sessions. Everything improved: the frozen shoulder, sleep, anxiety, and even a chronic neck pain that had troubled me for over 20 years, it was all gone.

Bio Energy has had such a dramatic impact on my life. I want others to experienceincredible health improvements, as I have, so I decided to train to be a Bio Energy Practitioner. It is so gratifying to be able to help my clients return to their natural state of health and well being!