My grandparents have had a profound influence on my life.  My desire to help others stems from observing them do the same for so many years. Whether it was encouraging family and friends through their daily struggles or simply lifting one’s spirits, my grandparents taught me that true happiness comes from serving others. 

When my beloved Grandpa Jang fell ill and lay on life support in the hospital, I was desperate to find an alternative method of healing. Through a family connection, we met Clarissa, a Reiki healer. She helped put my grandpa at ease and was able to communicate to us what was happening. I knew from that moment that everything in life happens for a reason and that there was something greater out there. 

Bio Energy has given me immediate relief from debilitating anxiety as well as reoccurring neck and shoulder pain. It has grounded me. I no longer feel the stress of constantly being rushed through life, always on a timeline, and filled with worry about the future. Bio Energy has allowed me to be present. I am passionate about the benefits of Bio Energy and am so excited to share my knowledge and continue in my grandparents’ tradition of helping others.